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Greetings from Denny Ball, as a bass guitarist I've toured with, recorded with, deputised for, done albums with and appeared on TV with artistes including Ace Kefford, Big Bertha, The Move, Long John Baldry, Bedlam, Donovan, Jeff St John, Uriah Heep's David Byron and Ken Hensley, Delta, Anchor Field, Wolfie Witcher, Rick Wakeman, and The Yardbirds I'm currently writing and recording songs for my band Denny and the Jets.
These pages contain some information about my adventures, gigs, CD's and other news. !
I haven't gone into great detail about my past music career on this site because there's an extensive history on me at The Musician's Olympus where a guy called Miguel Terol has built a huge encyclopedia of musicians
I can provide bass parts over the internet at realistic prices, so If you landed on this site to hire Denny Ball the Bass Guitarist for a session, gig or your next album , you can contact me here!

Here's a tune called
The Deputy

It's a song I composed after my stint with The Yardbirds!

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Dave and Pete Ball They rest in peace together and are probably waiting for me!


Emma Terracini Olivia Davies and Kristen Hardy: click for bigger pic

From the HippyHop video
Emma Terracini Olivia Davies and Kristen Hardy

Watch the HippyHop Video

This site is an archive of events from a time when websites where built with HTML. Remember that stuff? Now we have instant sites like Facebook. You can visit mine


The following entries are archive.. don't look for new material, but browse my history if you like.

Words cannot describe my sorrow at the loss to cancer of my dear brother Dave. He left this earth on April 1st 2015.

RIP Doug Ball April 26 1920 - September 20 2009. My dad was hoping for a telegram from the queen, but went to the place they call heaven too early. I continue to beat myself up over the way the hospital dumped you in rehab when you obviously needed post op or palliative care. Too many years have passed now for me to do much about that fucking hospital. I have to live with that.

Hugh Wade's book and CD of poems called The Cafe Village By The Sea and other poems on which I collaborated with Dave Chambers to write and record the music is now available!

Had a quiet birthday this time. Still recording new material with Olivia and Jeanette.

January 31. Last night Jeff Beck played the Enmore Theatre here in Sydney. What can I say. The man's a genius. Yea that's what I'll say! Which leads me to mention Tal Wilkenfeld. She's taken bass playing to a new level! By the way Vinnie Colaiuta drums and David Sancious - keyboards were damn good too!
What do Jeff Beck and Denny Ball have in common? We've both played for The Yardbirds.
I also spent a week with Jeff and Cozy Powell as they checked each other out for the Jeff Beck Group in the early 70's. Although I was there as a virtual sparring partner for the two of them - the experience was invaluable!

I'm writing and recording with Olivia Davies songs for her first album. Olivia will be famous one day. She is also a featured artiste on the Denny and the Jets album.

A recent family birthday gathering in Australia produced this photo on the Procol Harum site!

The Denny Ball Album is finished and the three days of filming are complete on the video.
Elke Avis played a great cameo in the video. She has been touring with Angus and Julia Stone in the UK and is now back in San Francisco.

I have been recording with two other very different artiste's on album projects. Michelle Perez plays guitar and sings. Tracks are almost complete. Stuart Henderson on drums and yours truly providing the recording and bass guitar.
I've played the bass on one magic track by Manuela, a delightful singer who has her own unique style.
The re-mix of the original 1973 BEDLAM album which was originally commissioned by Majestic Records is back underway. The Bedlam project is still being overseen by Geoff Gillespie who continues to support the band and the principles behind the music!

I also own the Licensing rights to Bedlam Live in London 1973, Bedlam the Anthology and Big Bertha Live in Hamburg and I am hoping to make these available as downloads as soon as possible.

Older News
I have left London and now live in Sydney Australia.
My new album features an awesome drummer/percussionist Elke Avis. She laid down the initial drum tracks quite a while ago, and I have since built up the tracks with the help of other local talent here in Sydney.
I'm also playing gigs with a band (it's a secret!) as well as working in the film and TV industry in some support roles.
Nicole Tanzabel's short film 'Pigeonhole' which features Vicar of Dibley actor John Bluthal is now doing the rounds of film festivals around the world.
I spend loads of time in my studio, with special attention to re-mixing some of the nostalgic stuff!
Bedlam were once called The Beast. The Beast in Stockholm Sweden 1973. My thanks to Claes Hassel for this old memory!

A New First Line is a track written by me and Cozy Powell. I play all the instruments except the drums which were played by Cozy . There are more tracks like this one still to be completed.
The host site supports audio streaming which works fine as long as you have a fairly fast connection

Tribute to George Carless

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Bedlam: click for bigger pic

Bedlam at The Underworld Jan 2001
Denny Ball ~ Frank Aiello ~ Russell Gilbrook ~ Dave Ball
pic courtesy of Joe Geesin

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