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George Carless
3rd June 1933 - 20th November 2001

It is nearly 20 years since my dear friend and fellow musician passed away. If you would like to leave a tribute to George please use the links below. If you wish to supply links or have other contributions for inclusion on this page please email me.

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George and I had an understanding as people and an understanding as musicians. We became friends because we found it easy to be friends.
During the time I visited George in hospital we would sit chatting about this and that. The conversation was always gentle and easy - we didn't try to put the world to rights!
I wrote a piece of music which seemed to describe in musical terms the communication between us. After I recorded the piece I gave it to George on a CD. He listened very intently and said: "Yeah man, that's how it is"
Denny Ball 30th November 2001
Click here to listen to "Gentle George" on mp3.
The file is stored as html which streams okay with most media players depending on your connection.

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