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Some of the People I have Worked With

Deputised for bass player Trevor Burton in The Move Recorded tracks with Marsha Hunt Toured USA with John Baldry Band also on the bill Fleetwood Mac and Savoy Brown First appearance on Top Of The Pops was with Rod Stewart Elton John and John Baldry Member of a band called Bedlam Worked for a lady known as Twiggy on her concert tour in 1977 Provided music and voice over for Lóréal Worked with Simon Bates during a daft Radio 1 year Recorded track on "Cosmic Wheels" for Donovan was credited as Dennis Wall Recorded TV show "Night Music" with Rick Wakeman Did some audio engineering work for the enigmatic George Michael at John Henry's Set up an ATA Carnet business Provided theme music for BBC production did some work for singer and songwriter Lynsey De Paul Joined The Yardbirds for summer of 1998 Played on sessions for producer Mickie Most Worked with drummer Pete Thompson Played on sessions and albums with various members of Uriah Heep and almost joined the band Met Eric Clapton at John Henry'sWorked with Little Jo from USA drums and Paul Rose guitar Provided music and narrative for Chris Welch Films Took part in TV ad for Sony Playstation Sponsored by Alligator Amps - been using their bass gear ever since Current albums released with Majestic Rock Records Worked with a superb vocal artiste Jacie Berry Spent a week jamming with Jeff Beck and Cozy Powell Met Hank Marvin at John Henry's! I was bassist for Wolfie Witcher and his Brew from 1985 until 2003 and I always had a laugh! Played bass for the lovely Natali on a record for her local football team The Kingstonians Dep for Bill Hurley and The Enforcers (or was I in the band?) Bedlam played some gigs again! Support role in "Mary Bryant" for ITV UK and Channel 10 Australia Support role in "Superman" movie Joined "The Bad Boys" from the Northern Beaches in Sydney! Assisted on "Pigeonhole" by Nicole Tanzabel featuring John Bluthal. A new recording project with female drummer, vocalist and percussionist Elke Avis has become the Denny and the Jets album

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