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Denny's Idiosyncratic distinctions:
(or CV to you mush!)

  • Bass guitarist (main instrument) also guitar, drums & percussion, keyboards

  • Vocals

  • Professional voice-overs

  • TV, radio and recording experience worldwide

Sessions include:
  • Rock and pop recording sessions

  • Music for radio and TV commercials

  • Corporate work including:
    Music and voice-over for L'oréal hair care video
    Music for Esprit corporate educational film
  • Voice-over narrator/commercials

Previous music clients include:
  • Donovan (I was named as Dennis Wall on the Cosmic Wheels album)

  • Long John Baldry (album two USA tours TV/Radio)

  • Bedlam (album USA & Europe tours TV/Radio)

  • David Byron (album)

  • Marsha Hunt (Man to Woman Virgin Records tracks and album)

  • Ken Hensley (album UK tour with Shotgun)

  • Rick Wakeman (tracks/TV Special)

  • Mickie Most (tracks)

  • Jeff St John (Australia TV/ gigs)

  • The Yardbirds (European dates)

  • Wolfie Witcher (Several albums: UK and European dates: TV and radio)

  • Currently working on Bedlam tracks and The DenElka Fusion in Australia

On stage with The Yardbirds
Trutnov Czech Republic 1998


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