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Bedlam stuff

Big Bertha is a live album recorded near Hamburg, Germany in 1970 featuring raw English rock and blues, played by Dave Ball (Guitar/vocals) and Denny Ball (Bass/vocals) with Cozy Powell on drums. This is a totally unique recording made at a small club. The recording was not planned. Two enterprising young fans came to the gig with their "Revox" tape recorder and a pair of Sennheiser microphones. They offered to make the recording, and we paid them a fee at the end of the show. This double CD is available for license.
Also available.
Bedlam Live In London 1973  the original band making a great noise
Bedlam the Anthology  a double album of archive recordings with a live section taken from a radio show during the band's tour of America in 1974

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Denny Ball 1973


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